From the red hills of Kingston, Jamaica to the streets of East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Marc Glave serves as head cook and proprietor of Saturated Sunday.


Saturated Sunday’s inception can be traced back to family gatherings at the Glave house. With his sister Alethea as his partner, Marc cooked elaborate dishes with roots from all over the globe, just for fun family meals every month.

Now, you can have your lunch, dinner or catered event crafted by Marc and his sister. Choosing from a few dishes to start with and more on the way, you can satisfy your palate whether you’re Southern-American, an East Coast transplant, or fresh from Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Menu prices are for individual plates at the moment. With more demand, changes can be made. We accept Debit and Credit Cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Chase Quick-Pay and $Cash App and, if paying by Quick-Pay or $Cash, your order must be placed by text message. Refund window expires the evening before scheduled deliveries, at 5:15p.

Deliveries to areas farther away than 2.5 miles from Utica Ave & Avenue D in Brooklyn, NY will be subject to a fee that increases with distance.


(929) 265-2131



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We deliver to all of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and parts of Long Island, with delivery fees based on distance. Customers in all other locations can make arrangements IF POSSIBLE that may incur an additional fee.


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Pre-orders until all slots filled or Sat 5p, whichever comes first

Sun Deliveries from 1p-9p