Now delivering to all of brooklyn, queens, Manhattan, and parts of Long island! SEE DELIVERY FEES AND MAP BELOW!
Free delivery up to 2.5m away from utica & Avenue D. a fee that increases with distance is charged thereafter, from $4 to $30.
 FOR LI, WE TRAVEL up to 25m from utica & Ave D
If your address is found to be outside of the free delivery area, you will be contacted for the delivery fee after your order is completed at checkout.
2.501m-4m: $4 
4.01m-5.5m: $6 
5.501m-7m: $8 
7.01m-9m: $10
9.01M-11M: $15
11.01M-13M: $18
13.01M-15M: $21
15.01M-18M: $24
18.01M-25+M: $30
9.01M-11M: $18
11.01M-13M: $21
13.01M-15M: $24
15.01M-18M: $27
18.01M-25+M: $30

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE per week! Act fast! $20 Delivery minimum

Text (929) 265 - 2131 for catering and out-of-delivery-range inquiries

After setting up your delivery time above, you may continue with your purchase if it has not already been completed.