Thanks for stopping by! Interested in Saturated Sunday Catering? It’s very simple: Pick one item from Section A, 2 items from Section B and you’re all set! Bundles are $20 per person and come with lemonade at no extra charge. You can also supplement your order with items from the A La Carte menu, or even build your own menu from the A La Carte menu. Don’t see something that you feel you just can’t live without? Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll try to accommodate your desire. Happy hunting!

*= Add an additional $20 per order (not per person) up to 10 people. Add an additional $22 per person for more than 10 people. EX: Oxtail Bundle (including sides) for a party of 10 would be $220. For a party of 11 it would be $242. for a party of 12 it would be $264 etc. We do not currently cater for events of more than 20 people, although special arrangements may be possible. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Supplement your Bundle order with any number of options from the A La Carte menu, or, build your own menu! Each pricing option shown feeds 10 people.

Items can be prepared on site if appropriate facilities are available. Saturated Sunday LLC does not provide event spaces. A deposit of 75% of the total cost is required upon ordering. You can receive a full refund up to 5 days before your event. No refunds given after that time.

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