Emanuel R.


“I saw a post about Saturated Sunday on my friends' Facebook post, and since I don't really live near any Caribbean spots, I was curious. They didn't say that they delivered to my area, but they were able to work with me (thanks for the flexibility). Ya'll, the food is BOMB! SOOOOO GOOD! I got the oxtail with rice and peas, as well as the mac and cheese with BBQ chicken on top and my sister got the stew chicken with a side of veggies. Mouth watering doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. Everything was cooked to perfection. My only regret was not getting more food!”


Rissa R.

Birthday Bashie:

“SaturatedSunday catered my 31st birthday celebration and the food is still one of the things my friends bring up the most. It was the perfect amount of food and it was SCRUMPTIOUS! Our house full of hungry Caribbean young men and women were left very satisfied!”


Andre N.


“First time doing Thanksgiving at my house and Saturated Sunday didn't disappoint!! Turkey was the best I've had (not a turkey eater) and the Mac n cheese was tops. They are atop my short list for take out/catering whenever I don't feel up to cooking!


Ketacha M.

Whooooo! This food will make you DANCE!!:

“I got to experience their cooking for my friend’s birthday party. It was seriously the BEST FOOD I've ever tasted. Flavor profile was out of this world and it just made you feel so good inside. Definitely 5/5 stars from me! I would 100% recommend Saturated Sunday to everyone! <3 Can't wait to have some again. I'm considering driving to NY just to get some more!”


Jovannie M.

Melt in your mouth goodness!:

“As an avid yelper, Seamless order savant and Sunday brunch Queen, I’ve been going through a food life crisis. “Been there, done that” has been my take on the recent culinary scene. But as luck would have it I stumbled on the Saturated Sunday site and ordered the (wish your mama can cook like this) mac and cheese, the snapper fish, and chicken steak and literally passed out from happiness. Writing this little testimonial to cement the beginning of a long, lustrous, mouth watering relationship!”


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